"I've been living with mental health struggles since I was 14. I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression. I didn't think you could be depressed at 14, but I was and my Dr's didn't know how to help. I had to learn ways to cope and manage my mental health on my own.
I'm also a double cancer survivor. Ages 18 & 21 - acute lymphoblastic leukaemia stole the golden years of my youth, but a wonderful stranger saved my life through a bone marrow Transplant.
I'm so incredibly grateful to be here and for the perspective on life my cancer journey gave me, but it also left me with scars, physical and mental. Shortly after my transplant I realised I was experiencing PTSD and severe medical anxiety. Learning to navigate this whilst living in a global pandemic was rough, I was experiencing panic attacks daily. 
I'm going back to therapy to help me manage my 'new' mental health struggles. Therapy has helped me enormously in the past and I hope it will help me in the future. Therapy, family, friends & being thankful for the little things help me through. Some days I smile, some days I struggle. Both are okay! "
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